"No mud, no lotus” - Thich Nhat Hanh

About me

I am a Integrative Psychotherapist with a European Integrative Psychotherapy Association (EIPA) Certificate. My background is in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and movement practices such as Yoga and Dance. That fruitful mix of experiences enables me not only to be fully present with my clients but also to be quick in equipping clients with a wide range of self-help techniques.


In my professional career I have been engaged in various fields of work with people in need: I supported institutionalized adults with special needs. That included working with their nursing staff and their relatives. I established and was heading a Family Center which focused on educating parents on how to raise their children, I led workshops for young people to help overcome their adolescence and growing up challenges, organized activities to enable families to connect in a creative environment, organized and led activities for children to socialize and connect with natural environment during their school holidays, led communication and self-respect trainings etc.

I was also heading two grant financed projects for supporting long-term ill and their families in individual or groups counselling sessions. There I worked with people with cancer and during cancer recovery period, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, different rheumatoid diseases (such as Lupus Erythematous and  Bekhterev’s disease).


For schools that at that time did not employ a psychologist in their school counselling team I offered help in two standard procedures in schools of Slovenia: individual weekly sessions with special needs children and testing gifted children for more than 10 years. In 2018 and 2019 I worked as a psychologist in a project for early identifying and support of special needs children. I both tested and offered individual counselling to families and children.



I mainly work in Slovenian, but I also have had good results working in English and an ex-Yugoslavian mix of languages named Serbo-Croatian.

About Hekata

Hekata (Hecate) is a Greek goddess, associated with borders and crossroads, including with realms outside the world of living (or beyond our usual comprehension). She is believed to have three heads which are able to see in all three directions at the same time. At crossroads travelers could then consult her about which road to take.

Centuries have passed after the times of Ancient Greece, but the benefits of being able to see in multiple directions is even more important today. Although even Hecate has limitations and is not all-seeing, she still can:

  • encourage you on your journeys in this world (and through the darkness of Hades),
  • provide you with tools to better choose for yourself and those around you and
  • support you to not give up before the your – hero’s (or heroine’s) job is done, because remember, the night is the darkest just before the dawn.

The powers of Hecate in Ancient Greek Mythology are magical, but that is in a metaphoric sense also what I offer to my clients as an integrative relational psychotherapist. For me, life itself in nothing less than magical. It is a real hero’s journey and it is often beyond our comprehension. That makes practicing acceptance and compassion at least welcome if not necessary part of psychotherapy process.

Beside the premises of my work – that your future is still unknown and you and you only possess the (magical) powers to create your own reality – I believe that people are social beings. We only become human in relationships with others and we can maintain our mental and overall health only in nurturing relationships throughout our lives.

Here, I am offering you a safe space where you can learn what a fruitful relationship should look like for you, how it should not look like, how it should feel and then I am offering you support so you can create thriving relationships outside my therapy room and in your daily life.